5 September – 4 October 2014

135th Meridian-East
curated by André Lawrence

SA: Ali Gumillya Baker, Thom Buchanan, Maarten Daudeij
James Dodd, Sue Kneebone, Pungkai, James Tylor, Sera Waters

NT: Joshua Bonson, Franck Gohier, Sarah Pirrie
Wukun Wanambi (The Mulka Project)
Bob Burruwul & Lena Yarinkura


135th Meridian-East refers to the line of longitude running through the Northern Territory & South Australia, a symbolic Cartesian coordinate. Featured artists have literally and/or conceptually traversed this corridor, establishing affiliations with places, people and ideas that inhabit it. Highlighting connections between those antipodes, the exhibition explores the multifarious ways in which artists engage with identity of place, collective and personal histories, and the rich diversity inherent to this vast tract through the heart of Australia.

Opening: 4 Sep, 6—8pm

Artist & Curator Talk: 5 Sep, 1pm
with Artists: Sera Waters, Sarah Pirrie
and Curator André Lawrence





Image: Sera Waters Fritz and the rose garden 2014, felt, hand-dyed calico and string, cotton, wool, hand-made stones, trim, approx. 300x150cm